Why Assisi Garments?

Our firm has been creating fashion for many years and we have always strived to do so in the most ethical way, after a long search researching various firms, we finally came to find Assisi Garments.

Assisi Garments is a textile factory set in the South of India, where only certified, Fair Trade organic cotton is used. Part of its growth as a textile industry has been a path to developing their true aim: to continue helping those in need providing a better quality of life and fair wages for farmers and workers alike through sustainable growth. Profits derived from the industry are being reinvested into social schemes for people in need such as: orphanages, the provision of education for the hearing impaired, the visually impaired and the speaking impaired and support for single mothers and cancer patients, among many other social schemes.

Being part of such worthwhile social initiatives has become a priority for us. We have therefore chosen Assisi Garments as our manufacturers in this exciting new project: a fashion collection that has been made with certified organic cotton and produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. We hope that by working with Assisi Garments and contributing to such worthwhile social initiatives we will be doing our share.

We also wish to help our beloved planet and to make you the customer, aware of the importance of knowing who is making and how your garments are being made

We are therefore inviting you to join us in our new initiative and to do your share! ;)

assisi garmentassisi garmentassisi garment