We commit to everything we do. We are transparent and we like to be. These are some of the values and commitments that we want to keep with our collections and with you:


GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Ensures the traceability of the cotton fibers used granting a certificate of international level and enforce their standards without exception. You can read more about this certificate here.

Fair trade / comercio justoFairtrade. In Tiralahilacha we commit ourselves to the fact that all the workers who fulfill some function during the process of creating any of the steps to make our garments, works under decent conditions and receives a decent salary according to their functions. It is an indispensable requirement in our business and personal philosophy. You can read more in this link.
Low impact dyes / tintes de bajo impactoLow impact inks. All the dyes used in our organic collections fulfill strict standards of quality. These dyes use between 70-80 % less water since it is recycled and purified to return to use it. In addition, they do not contain metals weighed as the Chrome or Zinc. You can read more on our dyes here.

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