About us

“Tiralahilacha” is the joint venture of Pablo and Meeta. Pablo is a graphic designer and Meeta is both, fashion designer and creative director to the firm. We both have curious minds and we both wish to keep on learning by embarking in stimulating new projects.

We had both been working some years in our own careers while collaborating together in Tiralahilacha. After fathering a beautiful child, Lukas, we decided to join our skills together.

Tiralahicha has been greatly influenced by what is known as vintage style and inspired by all things beautiful and antique. We admire the careful handcraft and minute detail given to garments made in previous centuries. We have explored fashion styles from the past and have aimed to reproduce the detail with which garments were once made. Our collections have a vintage feel, which has evolved into a more definite, feminine, romantic and yet “on trend” modern style.
We believe in supporting local industries and therefore, all our designs, dress patterns and samples are made in Barcelona.

In previous years, we had been manufacturing our clothes at various local workshops, in India and in Thailand and we had kept rigorous track of how our products were being made. The firm began to develop at great speed and we became more and more aware of how the current fashion industry, with its fast fashion and ruthless chains of production works.
We realised we wanted a change, a definite change towards a more respectful, a more responsible approach to textile production.

Little by little our project has taken shape and we have finally found a method of production that satisfies us. We have found the way to create our collections in a controlled, ethical, transparent and, above all a responsible manner both, towards the environment and towards all people implied in our productions.

We want to create high-quality, long-lasting clothing in accordance with the slow fashion trend. Above all we want to know who is making and how and where our garments are being made. We adhere to the #WHOMADEYOURCLOTHES and to the sustainable fashion movements.
Our greatest wish is to continue being inspired and eager to create further beautiful collections for you to wear.

And we wish to thank you for your support throughout these years and for making this project possible.

We know we could not have done it without you.